Honda Ignition Problems

Honda Ignition Repair Service

Since 2002, many Honda owners have experienced not being able to turn their key in the ignition and/or door lock cylinders.  This is due to a poor design feature within the ignition and door lock cylinder. Fixing your ignition and/or lock cylinders at the dealership can be costly. At My Locksmith we are able to repair your Honda ignition and/or lock cylinder at a fraction of the price.  We also do all work at your location.  No need to tow your Honda to our shop.

Honda Ignition Problems

Within the Honda ignition and lock cylinders are tumblers. These tumblers move up and down when you insert your key. The tumblers in a Honda ignition and door lock cylinder are called split tumblers. These split tumblers slip out of position and get bound within the cylinder. This often happens gradually over time. At first your key will slightly stick when turning, then after a while you will need to jiggle the key in order to turn in it, and of course eventually your key will stop turning all together.

Honda Ignition Problems – Prevention

Some will say that you can prevent Honda ignition and door lock cylinder problems by keeping your ignition and lock cylinders clean. This can be done by spraying an electrical cleaner into the cylinder. However, we do not recommend doing this. If you are currently having problems you can try spraying an electrical cleaner inside the cylinder as a last resort. The problem with spraying a cleaner into the cylinder is that the cylinder and tumblers have grease on them. Every time you clean the cylinder you are removing the grease. The grease is there as a lubricant, so by removing the grease you may be doing more harm than good.

Honda Ignition Problems – Models Affected

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Honda Crosstour Steering Wheel Locked
Honda CRV Key Will Not Turn
Honda CR-Z Ignition Will Not Turn
Honda Element Ignition Will Not Turn
Honda Fit Key Will Not Work
Honda Insight Key Sticks In Ignition
Honda Odyssey Key Stuck In The Ignition
Honda Pilot Ignition Will Not Turn
Honda Ridgeline Key Does Not Work

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